How the draw works

Seedings and groups

The seedings of the eight teams are based on the players’ singles rankings. The eight teams are then placed into two groups – Group A and Group B.

Each team plays the other three teams in their group. The top placed team from each group at the completion of the group matches then meet in the final.


Each session consists of a men’s and women’s singles match and a mixed doubles match.

Men’s and women’s singles will be the best of three sets.

Mixed doubles matches will be the best of three FAST4 Tennis sets for the first time in 2017. The new innovative format features four rules including play lets, no ad scoring, tiebreaker at three games all (first to five points) and first to four games wins (a set).

The order of matches are played in (women’s and men’s singles) will vary (e.g. sometimes the women’s singles will be played followed by the men’s singles and vice versa). The mixed doubles will always be the third match on.


What if two teams in one group win the same number of ties?

In the case of a draw in terms of the win–loss record in either group, the following factors, in order, will be used to separate the teams:

  1. The highest total of matches won
  2. Best percentage of sets won/lost *
  3. Best percentage of games won/lost **
  4. Head-to-head performances
  5. The toss of a coin