Schedule of play

Sat 29 Dec day 10.00 am Great Britain vs Greece
Sat 29 Dec evening 5.30 pm Australia vs France
Sun 30 Dec  day 10.00 am Germany vs Spain
Sun 30 Dec  evening 5.30 pm Great Britain vs Switzerland
Mon 31 Dec
day 10:00 am USA vs Greece
Mon 31 Dec
evening (no play)
Tue 1 Jan day (no play)
Tue 1 Jan  evening 5.30 pm USA vs Switzerland
Wed 2 Jan  day 10.00 am France vs Germany
Wed 2 Jan  evening 5.30 pm Australia vs Spain
Thur 3 Jan  day 10.00 am Great Britain vs USA
Thu 3 Jan  evening 5.30 pm Greece vs Switzerland
Fri 4 Jan  day 10.00 am Spain vs France
Fri 4 Jan  evening 5.30 pm Australia vs Germany
Sat 5 Jan   evening 4.00 pm Winner Group A v Winner Group B

Please note: Due to the nature of tennis tournaments, all schedules of play are subject to change, at any time and for any reason (including where it is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of Tennis Australia, the players or members of the public). Changes to a schedule do not entitle you to a refund, credit, exchange or other compensation. Ticket Conditions of Sale and Entry apply to the ticket holder.